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China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) Container Lines Americas


Company Overview:

The China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) is a full service intermodal carrier. They use a network of ocean vessels, barges, railroads and trucks. COSCO also offer shipping agency services, freight forwarding, terminals and warehousing, intermodal services, insurance, real estate, ship repair and manning. They offer expertise in rail, truck and feeder services.

With over 117 container ships, which includes temperature controlled units, COSCO is able to handle 20 and 40 foot dry containers, refrigerated containers, flat racks and open tops.

Cargo Receiving Terminals:

  • SeaGirt Marine Terminal in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Conley Terminal in Boston, Massachusetts
  • North Charleston Terminal in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Halterm Limited in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • TRAPAC, Inc in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Maher Terminal in New York, New York
  • Norfolk International Terminal in Norfolk, Virginia
  • APM Terminals Virginia in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah, Georgia
  • North Carolina State Ports Authority in Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Pacific Container Terminal in Long Beach, California
  • ITS Berth 234 in Long Beach, California
  • West Basin Coast Terminal in Los Angeles, California
  • TRAPAC, Inc in Los Angeles, California
  • Oakland Container International Terminal in Oakland, California
  • Transbay Container Terminal in Oakland, California
  • Hanjin Terminal in Oakland, California
  • Port of Portland Terminal 6 in Portland, Washington
  • Fairview Terminal in Prince Rupert, British Columbia
  • Total Terminals - Terminal 46 in Seattle, Washington
  • Husky Terminal in Tacoma, Washington
  • Olympic Container Terminal in Tacoma, Washington
  • TSI Systems, Inc.
  • Vanterm Container Terminal in Vancouver, British Columbia
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