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Truck Security Policy


Each transportation company needs a security policy due to cargo theft. Cargo theft is not just something that happens in large cities. Criminals rob trucks wherever they may. This may be especially true if your company hauls sensitive or expensive freight.

Establishing and maintaining a security policy will not stop the problem of theft entirely. However, security will aid your company in controlling the problem, provided, of course, your drivers follow the policy.

Establish guidelines for minimum security. Address such matter as cab door locks, trailer doors, ignition and door keys, etc.

Example of policy wording: Drivers are required to keep the truck secure at all times. The cab doors must be locked at all times, including when the truck is in motion (to help prevent hi-jacking).

Do your trailers have side doors (i.e. reefer compartment doors) in addition to the back door? What types of locks must the driver have on each door? What types of locks does the company provide? If your company does not provide locks, but locks are required, does your company reimburse the driver. Must trailer doors be locked while the truck is in motion, and/or when it is stationary?

Example of policy wording: A driver is required to lock the rear door and any side doors while the truck is in motion. The driver must use padlocks provided by the company.

Does the unit have an automated door? If so, where is the remote for that door kept? Must the driver padlock the door in addition to the auto door being closed?

Example of policy wording: When the unit is stationary, the cab doors, side doors and rear door must be locked except when in immediate use.

Example of policy wording: If a truck has a functioning automated rear door, the driver may eliminate the use of a padlock on that door.

Establish disciplinary measures should a driver not follow company policy on truck security. Be as detailed as possible so that no driver can come back and say they did not understand the implications of breaking the rules.

Example of policy wording: Drivers found violating any portion of the company's security policy will be subject to company disciplinary write-up procedures. Then cite the page in the company handbook where the driver can find the specifics of your company's write-up procedures.

Truck security may be a bigger issue for some companies over others. Regardless, it is advisable that this be a policy that your driver is required to sign that he or she received. The purpose behind the signature is that if the driver and/or truck is robbed due to driver negligence, you have the legal footing to terminate employment need be. You do not want your driver to be able to come back and say they were never made aware of the security policy, which is possible if you do not have their signature on record for that policy.

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