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FMCSA Vehicle Classes



Semi Truck photograph taken January 7, 2009

Grant Bierman

Class 1: Motorcycle

Class 2: Passenger cars

Class 3: Other 2-axle, 4-tire single unit vehicles

Class 4: Buses

Class 5: Trucks: bob-tails, tractor pulling other unit in a saddle mount position, floating axles only count when in the down position

Class 6: 2 axle, 6 tire, single unit truck

Class 7: 3 axle, single unit truck

Class 8: 4 plus axle single unit truck

Class 9: 4 or fewer axle single trailer truck

Class 10: 5 axle single trailer truck

Class 11: 6 plus axle single trailer truck

Class 12: 5 or fewer axle multi-trailer trucks

Class 13: 6 axle multi trailer trucks

Class 14: 7 plus axle multitrailer trucks

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