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Employing Truck Drivers


Anyone driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) must possess a Commercial driver's License (CDL). Each employer is required to run a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) prior to hiring a CMV driver.

1. Overview

Grant Bierman
The employer performs a MVR on all regularly employed drivers. A search is performed in each state the driver has held a CDL during the past three years. The MVR is placed in the driver's employee file within 30 days of hire.

2. Prior Experience

For drivers with no prior CMV experience, the employer must document that no safety investigation was possible. The statement is placed in the driver’s employee file within 30 days of hire.

3. Items to check on a MVR

Accidents Positive drug test results Alcohol results 0.04 or higher Refusal to be drug or alcohol tested.

4. Motor Vehicle Report

Each driver must sign a release allowing the employer to run a MVR. Refusal to do so will mean that the employer cannot hire the driver to drive a CMV.

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5. Accessing the Motor Vehicle Report

Each driver has the right to review the information provided by his former employers. The driver must make this request in writing within 30 days of hire or of being denied employment. The employer must respond within in five business days.

6. Correcting a Motor Vehicle Report

A driver has a right to have errors corrected by his former employer(s). If the former employer does not agree an error has been made, than the driver has the right to attach a rebuttal statement to the “alleged” erroneous error. The driver must send the written rebuttal to the former employer with instructions to include with his driver’s safety performance history.
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