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Rules for Issuing CDLs


Rules for Issuing CDLs

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On January 30, 2012, an updated rule went into effect for states issuing commercial drivers licenses.

  • The state will require drivers to certify the type of operation he/she expects to conduct, posting that self-certification to his/her history record.
  • The state must keep either an original, or photocopy, of the drivers medical certificate if that driver is required to provide documentation of his/her physical qualifications for longer than three years beyond certificates issue date.
  • The state must post the driver's medical examiner certificate information to the CDLIS within 10 business days.
  • The state must update the CDLIS within 10 calendar days of receiving any medical variance information from the FMCSA
  • The state must update a driver's medical certification status as "not-certified" within 10 calendar days of it expiring or being rescinded.
  • Upon a status being changed to "not-certified", the state has 10 calendar days to notify the CDL holder of his/her change in status (a driver will be reclassified as "certified" once he/she provides a current medical certificate).
  • Upon a status being changed to "not-certified", the state has 10 calendar days to initiate procedures for downgrading the drivers license from CDL to non-CDL. This downgrade must be recorded within 60 days of becoming "non-certified."
  • For drivers applying for a hazardous materials endorsement, the state must comply with standards set forth by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), such as establishing proof of citizenship or immigration status.

If the CDL issuing state determines that the CDL applicant has falsified any information, the state shall be within its rights to suspend, cancel or revoke said CDL, or disqualify the driver from operating a CMV for at least 60 consecutive days.

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