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List of resources related to freight haul. USDOT regulations by state.
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Example of Third Party Logistics Provider Contract
A freight contract is essential to protect everyone's assets.

Logbook Auditing and D.O.T. Audits
Always be prepared for a DOT audit by daily auditing your drivers logs, including both paper and elogs.

JWCC Truck Driver Training Program
The John Wood Community College (JWCC) offers a truck driving training program.

Operational Expenses
Operational expenses are used to determine your cost per run, which in turn determines your company's profitability.

Ryder Fleet Management
Ryder Lease Management offers customers commercial trucks for rent, lease or purchase..

The Department of Transportation is an integral part of the United States ability to transport goods (and passengers) in quick, safe and efficient method.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Service Centers
FMCSA service center listings

Rail Hazmat Routing
Railroads regulations for hazardous materials.

Best Type of Fuel for Freight
Diesel is a petroleum-based product made from hydrocarbons. A distillation process that separates out crude oil also produces diesel. The diesel blend is widely available throughout the world.

Metropolitan Transportation Commission
The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) toll increase.

DOT Inspections
A description of what is involved in DOT inspections.

Federal Highway Administration Locations by State
A listing of Federal Highway Administration locations by state.

Commercial Vehicle Speed Limits by State
CMV speed limits by U.S. state.

Interstate Fuel Tax (IFT)
Interstate fuel tax is the tax commercial transporters pay to drive the nation’s highways.

Controlled Substances and Alcohol: The Law (§382)
This is a break down of part 382 into everyday language.

How to Fill Out the Motor Carrier Identification Report (MCS-150)
Detailed instructions on filling out the motor carrier identification report (MCS-150).

Pre-Employment Screening Program
Motor carriers and drivers alike can access driver records via the Pre-Employment Screening Program.

Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Procedures
A solid preventative maintenance and inspection procedure will benefit your drivers and your company.

Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist
A list to check during a pre-trip inspection.

Example Policy: Random and Post-Accident Drug Testing
Regardless of requirement, every trucking company should have such a policy.

How to Fill Out a Paper Daily Drivers Log
A detailed description of how to properly fill out a drivers daily log.

What Is One-Way Pricing?
What is one-way pricing? It is the means by which a carrier prices a lane for a particular customer.

Truck Light Requirements
Do you know what lights you are required to have on your commercial motor vehicle?

The Instruments and Gauges Found on a Common CMV Dashboard
What do all the lights, switches and gauges on your semi's dash mean?

Do You Dare Become Labeled a Whistle Blower?
What happens if I call the D.O.T. and report my company for making me drive an unsafe vehicle? Do I have any grounds to fight a termination or demotion or harassment?

An Overview of the Trucking Industry by OSHA Standards
Learn how OSHA plays a significant role in the trucking industry.

Trucker’s Mobile Office

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