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Role of the Fleet Manager


Larger transportation departments will likely have a fleet manager. A fleet manager is exactly as it suggests, the manager of the transportation fleet.

A transportation fleet manager should have the following skill set:

  • Complete and up-to-date knowledge of state and federal transportation regulations
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations () .
    State Safety Regulations.
    State Motor Vehicle Regulations.
    State Trucking Regulations.
    Department of Transportation Laws(DOT)
  • Ability to accurately calculate load arrival times
    Understanding of weather impact on travel time.
    Working knowledge of computers.
    Intermediate to advanced level of Microsoft Excel.
    Ability to learn company specific software quickly.
  • Develop and maintain an accurate record-keeping system
    Understand all filing formats (alphabetical, numerical, alpha-numeric, topical) .
    Knowledge of state and federal record-keeping requirements.
  • Prioritization
    Understanding of what is the single most important task at any given moment.
    Ability to think on one's feet and make decisions quickly.
  • Listening skills
    Willing to listen to drivers, office personnel, management, state and federal regulators and their concerns.
    Decision-making ability.
  • Handle emergencies
    Ability to stay calm.
    Ability to make decisions quickly.
    Knowledge of environmental cleanup responsibilities.
  • Differentiate driver issues
    Ability to decipher problems versus complaints.
    Ability to problem-solve.
  • Effective communication
    Ability to speak professionally.
    Stays calm under pressure.
    Willingness to listen in positive manner.

Potential Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversee fleet maintenance
  • Obtain and maintain truck licensing and registrations
  • Obtain and maintain emission testing
  • Obtain and maintain annual inspections
  • Develop and report monthly IFTA reports
  • Oversee proper use of fuel cards
  • Maintain daily inspections
  • Maintain work orders
  • Conduct safety meetings
  • Oversee and schedule repairs
  • Maintain, log, and account for fuel and oil storage tanks
  • Opening of work orders
  • Researching parts availability and costing
  • Issuing purchase orders
  • Train, schedule, reprimand, hire, and terminate employees
  • Time cards
  • Scheduling vacations
  • PTO, comp time, sick days, tardiness, and FMLA
  • Maintain the parts inventory
  • Responsible for shop safety
  • Comply with DOT, OSHA, EPA, and state laws
  • Develop, maintain and adhere to disciplinary procedures, driver orientation program

The above information should prove useful to someone in a position to hire a fleet manager, or for an individual seeking a fleet manager position. See the accompanying checklist to check off skills obtained or skills yet to work on.

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