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Fleet Manager Checklist


Fleet Manager Checklist

___ Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs)

___ State Safety Regulations

___ State Motor Vehicle Regulations

___ State Trucking Regulations

___ Department of Transportation Laws(DOT)

___ Understanding of weather impact on travel time

___ Working knowledge of computers

___ Intermediate to advanced level of Microsoft Excel

___ Ability to learn company specific software quickly

___ Understand all filing formats (alphabetical, numerical, alpha-numeric, topical)

___ Knowledge of state and federal listen to drivers, office personnel, management, state and federal regulators

___ Decision-making ability

___ Ability to stay calm

___ Ability to make decisions quickly

___ Knowledge of environmental cleanup responsibilities

___ Ability to decipher problems versus complaints

___ Ability to problem-solve

___ Ability to speak professionally

___ Stays calm under pressure

___ Willingness to listen in positive manner

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