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15 Truck Driver Gift Ideas


Are you looking for a practical gift for your favorite truck driver? For men and women who spend their life behind a steering wheel, sometimes finding a practical gift can be a challenge. But the challenge is not insurmountable. Here are 15 great gift ideas for your favorite truck driver!

1. Truck Route GPS

Navigation and delivery van
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Choose a model that is specifically designed with truck drivers in mind. Such units should have height clearance information, non-truck routes easily identified, and lifetime map updates. Additional features that are available include the ability to enter your specific truck information, such as height and gross vehicle weight (GVWR).

Why choose a GPS? When used in concert with a traditional map, GPS can save a truck driver a considerable amount of time in reaching their destination. It takes the guess work out of bridge heights and truck routes.

2. First Aid Kit

Does this seem like a silly gift idea? Truly it is not. When you think about it, a truck driver is not always near a medical facility. By having a first aid kit a driver can tend to anything from a simple cut to a burn. This gives the driver time to find a medical facility, or in fact, possibly not even need one at all.

Important items in a first aid kit include a mouth shield (for performing CPR), a splinter remover, flexible adhesive bandages (i.e. Band Aids) a topical antiseptic (i.e. Betadine), gauze, medical tape, burn ointment, and medical glue (to seal a cut).

3. Power Inverter

Many trucks are not going to have power inverters or USB ports built into the cab. Many of today's electronics run off one or the other anymore rather than consumer type batteries. A power inverter powers anything that uses a common household plug or a USP port. The works off of the semi truck's battery.

4. Portable Vehicle Safe

Some drivers have to collect cash, cashier's checks, money orders or business checks at the time of delivery. Some drivers carry cash in order to hire lumpers. If a driver stops for a break, a shower, or is broke down for a while, he may not want to take all his valuables with him when he leaves the cab. However, leaving those valuables in the cab can create a possible chance of theft. A portable vehicle safe is ideal in this situation. Safes with electronic key codes are better than ones with keys, although either will work.

5. 12-Volt Heated Blanket

Why would a truck driver need an electric blanket? They leave the truck run while they are sleeping don't they? For the most part that is true. However, trucks break down or heaters quit working, and the cab gets cold when this happens. An electric blanket can be a life saver. Be sure to purchase one with a long cord on it so that the driver does not have to struggle getting it plugged in no matter where the outlet is.

6. Truck Mattress

Nothing helps a good night's sleep like a good mattress. Gone are the days when sleeper units just had foam pads in them. Mattresses are now manufactured with the driver's comfort in mind. Before just purchasing a mattress, consider that this is a personal type purchase. It might be more beneficial to obtain a gift card from a manufacturer of truck mattresses and allow the driver to purchase exactly what he or she is looking for.

7. Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has successfully passed a law making it illegal for a commercial vehicle driver to operate a hand-held cell phone while operating the commercial vehicle (other than pressing one key to make and/or receive calls). Enter a wireless Bluetooth headset. The ideal gift for your talkative driver.

8. Pressure Relieving Cushion

Truck drivers sit for incredibly long periods of time. Staying in the same position for hours on end can cause discomfort and even pain. A pressure relieving cushion designed with a truck driver in mind, will alleviate some of the discomfort.

9. Personalized Mud Flaps

What a better way to show your favorite trucker how well you know them then by getting them personalized mud flaps for their semi tractor.

10. Shower Kit

A shower kit a fully stocked, including a quick dry towel, shower shoes and a bathrobe makes the ideal gift for an over-the-road (OTR) driver whose home is in the cab of their truck.

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