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Freight Haulers Health and Safety

Focus on the health of freight haulers. Also, safety related issues over all areas of freight.

15 Truck Driver Gift Ideas
What to buy for your favorite truck driver.

Driver Fatigue
Driver Fatigue is all too common a factor in truck driver related crashes. In April 2007, the Center for Intelligent Systems Research (COTR) related their report, The Advanced Driver Fatigue Research. Fatigue is the body s response to sleep loss and physical and mental activity. The matter of fatigue not only involves how much you sleep,...

Truck Drivers and Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is a danger to everyone, truck driver and others alike. Sleep apnea is a condition where the upper airway narrows or closes during sleep. This causes a person to wake repeatedly during his/her sleep, which makes their sleep not restful.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 requires drug and alcohol testing for “safety sensitive” transportation employees. Such employees work across the transportation field including aviation, trucking, rail, mass transit and pipelines.

Truck Drivers and Prescription Medicine
Truck drivers are like any other person in that they go to the doctor and receive prescription medications. However, truck drivers need to be especially careful about the medication they take so that there safety and performance are not adversely affected by that medication.

5 Healthy Habits for Over-The-Road Truck Drivers
Over-the-road truck drivers lead a sedentary life. They need all assistance to change over to a healthy lifestyle.

Schedule I Drugs
A list of Schedule I Drugs that truck drivers are not allowed to take while driving.

Scheduling Drivers – Rest versus Profit
Drivers need rest, companies need to make money; is there a line between the two needs where both sides are happy?

Driver Health in the Wintertime
Drivers face enough stress from the roads in the wintertime, but compound that with bad eating habits and you are asking for a problem to occur.

Truckers and Heart Disease
Heart disease can strike truck drivers without discrimination as to age or health.

Ill or Fatigued Truck Driver
How do you treat an ill or fatigued driver? With discretion and tact.

Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are required as mandated by FMCSR 393.94.

The Commercial Driver Hearing Test
Why must a commercial driver have his/her hearing tested at each DOT recertification?

Do You Dare Become Labeled a Whistle Blower?
What happens if I call the D.O.T. and report my company for making me drive an unsafe vehicle? Do I have any grounds to fight a termination or demotion or harassment?

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