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Ground Transportation

Describing all modes of ground transportation

Appian DirectRoute
An Appian DirectRoute product review.

Northwest Territories Ice Roads
In 1959, John Denison formed the first ice road in the Northwest Territories.

Driver Fitness (Part I): The Law (§383)
CSA uses 7 BASICS categories. Driver fitness is number 2 of the 7.

Driver Fitness (Part II): The Law (§391)
This is a review of §391 as far as it is applicable to freight haul. This is the second half of driver fitness, §383 being the first.

Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV)

A longer combination vehicle (LCV) is any combination of a tractor-trailer and two or more trailers, which operate on highways with a gross vehicle weight of more than 80,000 pounds (36,288 kilograms).

Michigan – Ontario Border Crossing Guide
Border crossing guide from Michigan to Canada.

George Washington Bridge
The height and width limitations for crossing the George Washington Bridge.

Florida East Coast Railway
Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway operates every day of the year. Such service will be necessary once the Panama Canal Expansion is completed in 2014.

A brief overview of CSX rail services.

The Peace Bridge
The Peace Bridge is the border crossing from Buffalo, New York, USA to Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.

Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)
LTL carriers pick-up shipments from various customers until they have a full truckload to deliver.

United States Toll Bridges and Tunnels: New York through Washington
A list of toll bridges from New York through Washington.

FMCSA Recommendations on Truck and Cargo Security
The FMCSA has put forth some standard recommendations for the continued security of yourself and your cargo load.

Frequently Asked CDL Questions
Read frequently asked questions when it comes to obtaining a CDL.

Chain Laws by State
Chain laws by state within the United States.

The Instruments and Gauges Found on a Common CMV Dashboard
What do all the lights, switches and gauges on your semi's dash mean?

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