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Air Cargo

Air cargo is a crucial part of the overall cargo industry. Many companies need to use air cargo for time sensitive deliveries.

Air Cargo Security
The amount of cargo shipped via air is less then rail, ship or truck. Nonetheless, it is still a significant part of the freight industry. Freight may be shipped either on a cargo only airplane or on a passenger airplane.

Washington Dulles International Airport - Cargo Shipments
Most United States airports have areas specifically set aside for cargo only shipments. Washington Dulles International Airport is no exception. Knowing how these cargo sites work will make your job as a freight hauler, freight broker or shipper easier.

Abu Dhabi Cargo Company
The Abu Dhabi Cargo Company is an international company that deals in cargo handling via the Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Al Ain International Airport.

Known Shipper Program
The Known Shipper Program allows for safe transport of cargo on passenger planes.

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