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Alabama Size and Weight Restrictions


A listing of Alabama's size and weight restrictions as they pertain to truck loads.


Commercial Motor Vehicles traveling on highways with traffic lanes of 12 feet or more, the CMV shall not exceed total outside width of 102 inches. For CMVs traveling on highways with traffic lanes less than 12 feet, the CMV shall not exceed 96 inches. No CMV hauling forest products or culvert pipe can have a load over 102 inches.


No CMVs may be over 13.5 feet (including load the height of the load).


CMV's may not exceed 40 feet. An exception is for combination vehicles, which cannot exceed 57 feet. A combination is a tractor-trailer set. Semi trailers used in a combination may not be over 28.5 feet each. Semi-trailers over 53.5 feet can only be run on highways pursuant to Section 32-9-1. A CMV may only be operated when the distance between the kingpin of the trailer and the rearmost axle or a point midway between the two rear axles, does not go over 41 feet.


A CMVs gross weight of any one axle shall not exceed 20,000 pounds per axle.

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