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Diesel Exhaust

Diesel Exhaust health issues

Freight & Trucking Spotlight10

Freight & Trucking

Setting up a Mobile Office

Friday January 31, 2014

As an independent trucker, do you exude the professionalism necessary to land the best loads? Do you know where to start? Here's an article to help you get on your way.

Driver Incentive Programs

Tuesday January 14, 2014

Does your company have a driver incentive program? How does it work?

Some companies reward drivers based on safe driving, on length of service, on performance factors, or on attendance. My most recent experience is rewarding drivers based on the accuracy of their paperwork/deliveries, safe driving, and customer satisfaction. In the past, I have worked with incentive programs where safe driving (no accidents where the truck driver is at fault and no tickets) was rewarded.

Based on my experience, rewarding safe driving is more fair then anything else. Mistakes are inevitable. It is easy to miss a signature, mis-deliver a box or run into a customer who's having a bad day and blames the driver. How much easier to base your rewards program on how many miles the driver went without an accident (where the truck driver is at fault) or ticket. Again, that is my take on the matter.

What are your feelings on the matter? Please leave your comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

Stay safe!!

Ice, Ice and more Ice

Tuesday January 7, 2014

By now I venture to guess a fair share of you have to had to pull out your chains. What is your experience with chaining up? Let's have a conversation. Feel free to comment below.

What Is That Gauge For?

Tuesday December 31, 2013

Are you new to truck driving? The first time you sat behind the wheel did you look at the dashboard and wonder what you were getting yourself into?

There are far more gauges and switches on the dashboard of a semi than your personal vehicle and that means you have some learning ahead of you. Get out the owners manual and read through what each switch and gauge means and how it helps you keep your truck in good working order.

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